Design HVAC Systems

Save time and reduce error – HVAKR contains everything you need to go from Basis-of-Design to a fully sized system. Once the project drawings and criteria are set, zone maps, system layouts, and system sizing can all be done with ease. All necessary calculations are integrated into the program such as heating and cooling loads, duct and pipe sizing, duct and pipe pressure losses, and more. With a step-by-step structure and helpful hints throughout, systems can be designed quickly and accurately by designers of all levels.

Make Changes in a Flash

Stop sweating over last-minute design changes. With a fully integrated design platform, you can change the underlying criteria and see updated results instantaneously. What happens if the architect changes their window selections after the mechanical design is complete? Simply change the window values and watch as HVAKR automatically updates your design – loads, CFMs, sizing – name it. What used to take days, now takes seconds.

Collaborate Seamlessly, Communicate Efficiently

Invite other members to your project, work simultaneously, share designs, and add comments for an effective flow of information. Pushing designs to modelers and getting feedback from management can be done in real time, with the added perks of tracking open issues and getting notifications from your team.


See and share information clearly. HVAKR adds valuable insight into your project through various analytical modes. These modes let you clearly visualize data and pinpoint your system's driving factors at a glance with intuitive graphs and tables.

Produce Professional Reports

Impress partners with eye-catching deliverables. HVAKR's report function allows you to produce narratives, calculation reports, basis-of-design tables, and other design documents. Choose the information you want to see, hit print, and HVAKR will create a document for your project-specific data.

Get Started

And complete twice the work in half the time