HVAKR Walkthrough

This 12-part walkthrough will give you all the tools you need to get up and running in HVAKR.

Part 1: Creating A New Project

Previews the project library, sharing projects with others,creating a new project, and populating the project's general information page.

Part 2: Weather

Demonstrates how to specify the project's weather conditions.

Part 3: Building Data

Walks through populating the building envelope tables, which are used to define the wall, window, roof, and slab types present on the project.

Part 4: Space Criteria

Walks through populating the space criteria tables, which are used to define the indoor setpoints, ventilation and exhaust rates, interior loads, and other parameters for varying space types on the project.

Part 5: Sheet Library and Importing Plans

Demonstrates how to upload floorplans and place them onto the project canvas.

Part 6: Space Creation

Goes through the process of taking off spaces, defining the space type, providing other space data inputs, and making space-specific edits.

Part 7: Walls and Windows

Shows how to model the building envelope by adding exterior walls and windows.

Part 8: Zones and Systems

Demonstrates how to create a zone and assign spaces, then how to create a system and assign zones.

Part 9: System Configuration

Explains the system configuration process and how to set up the project for various HVAC systems.

Part 10: Air Balancing

Previews the Air Balancing step and how to use it for airflow analysis and CFM tuning.

Part 11: Load Summary and Reports

Walks through the heating and cooling load results, creating formal PDF reports, and some techniques for analyzing loads

Part 12: Dry Side Design

Gives a brief overview of the dry side feature, where users can layout registers, equipment, and ductwork. Dry side design is currently in its beta stage; expected to be released at the end of 2023.