3 Reasons for the Explosion of Web Applications in Construction

PlanGrid. FacilityGrid. FieldWire. Paskr. Procore. Monday. BuildingConnected. ConstructConnect. PlanHub. ConstructionWire. Where did all these construction-centered web applications come from and why are they multiplying so quickly? Here are a few reasons.


  • Don’t need to be connected to a company server to retrieve your information.

  • Can work from home, from the field, from a coffee shop, funeral home, anywhere there’s wifi.

  • Can work on any device and pick up right where you left off.


  • Work is always saved.

  • Always looking at latest information.

  • Record of work and revisions are automatically kept.

  • Always working in the most up-to-date version of the program.

  • No downloads required.


  • Within your company – collaborate with other team members instantaneously.

  • With other apps. Network of compatible construction applications is growing and becoming more seamless.

  • Web-based applications provide a foundation that is easily built on. Tools can be easily added and improved upon.

  • Value of the application increases as industry progresses. As of now, the areas of construction utilizing web apps are pre-construction (a million bidding programs and counting), project and document management, and building commissioning and closeout. Where are the applications for design and engineering? Well, we’re here, and we've got HVAC covered.